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6 Compelling Reasons

Why engage in Modern Beekeeping?

Fortune in Beekeeping

Why you need to turn your idle land into profits

That bees are critical to the survival and prosperity of this planet, is a statement that can be hardly contested.

Bees play a pivotal role in the growth, and development of natural habitats. In fact, expert agronomists argue that one in every three bites of food we daily consume is a result of the action of bees.

You see, bees are expert pollinators and their activities account for 30% of the food we eat, and about 90% of all natural vegetation through cross-pollination. Bees undoubtedly help in preserving natural plant communities by ensuring production of seeds in flowering flora.


Minimal Input Required

Savannah Honey trains you in apiary management, provides Langstroth Beehives, and complete value chain in the management of the hives. We assist in harvesting of the honey, and marketing too, providing you with free time to handle other tasks. 


Production Deficits

For years, Kenya has imported 80% of locally consumed honey from neighbouring Tanzania. This deficit creates a great business opportunity to local farmers to engage in modern beekeeping 


Ideal Climate

The country is located in an area ideal for year-round production of honey. Some of the indigenous trees can produce A-class honey because of existing flora.


Huge Flora Leaks

There is great untapped potential because of flora leaks. This means that every flowering season can be harnessed to produce quality honey with great gain for farmers


Quality Modern Beekeeping Equipment

Savannah Honey enables farmers to move from tradition beekeeping to modern methods that enable you to supersize your beekeeping. We offer special hive colonization that ensures the hives division in done rapidly for quick and assured yields


To be the country’s best Honey producing entity offering both food stability as well the most skill full information to modern beekeepers while leading old beekeeping practices to be modernized.


Every family to meet its basic needs – education, health, food and clothing.

These are necessary for sustainable economic development.


Full commitment to saving the environment through land reclamation that is, valleys, swamps and rocky land to being money-generating havens through beekeeping

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