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About Savannah Honey

Who we are

Savannah Honey is a for-profit enterprise with a mandate to generate a social return. Our focus on production is geared to provide opportunities for greater returns: socially, economically, and environmentally. We’re driven by the disciplines of a self-sufficient and sustainable model.

Savannah Honey is an East African organization with a long term objective of alleviating poverty and implementation of SDG’s (Sustainable development goals) and vision 2030 through ‘living green’ with the introduction of modern beekeeping techniques.

Empowering Communities

Savannah honey has been involved in empowering the communities for the last six years through the provision of beehives, marketing of the honey and offering training support to beekeepers.

Since independence, Kenya has had a deficit in honey production which leads to over 80% of honey processed in Kenya being imported from Tanzania while there is a lot of potential for beekeeping in the country.

Modern Beekeeping Techniques

We train farmers on the modern beekeeping techniques, enable them to get the Langstroth hives, enable the hives colonization by colony division, provide a ready market for the honey and package the honey.


To be the country’s best Honey producing entity offering both food stability as well the most skill full information to modern beekeepers while leading old beekeeping practices to be modernized.


Every family to meet its basic needs – education, health, food and clothing.

These are necessary for sustainable economic development.


Full commitment to saving the environment through land reclamation that is, valleys, swamps and rocky land to being money-generating havens through beekeeping

Our Assurances

Quality of our Products and Services 

We are committed in ensuring that we give our customers quality equipment and products at each and every point of service delivery taking personal responsibility to satisfy customer’s needs.

The quality product and services are in compliance with the international quality systems requirements and we as well give a one year guarantee for all the equipment.



We understand the importance of project schedules and hence stand committed to delivering our services and equipment in time. We strive to provide the best solutions in the budget frame to our clients. In fact, we believe in building long term relationships with them.



Interpersonal and group relationships theorists have identified integrity as a central determinant of trust in organizations. Therefore, we pay special attention to integrity in our organization. Our team is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the information we receive while working for any of our clients.

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