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Modern Beekeeping Services

Get started on a lucrative beekeeping venture, and get full-spectrum training in apiary management, beehive delivery, installation, and harvesting 

All Beekeeping Equipment

Savannah Honey offers you all the latest beekeeping equipment, together with Langstroth beehives in Kenya to supersize your beekeeping business

Welcome to Kenya’s Leading

Beekeeping Equipment Supplier & Apiary Management Experts

Welcome to Savannah Honey, the home of modern beekeeping in Kenya. We support community groups and individuals all over Kenya to get started on modern beekeeping by providing them with Langstroth beehives, and all beekeeping equipment…

Savannah Honey provides you with

Langstroth Beehives

Bees - Hive Colonization

Capital Injection

The Market for your bee products

Success Stories:

Beekeeping for Retirement

Why invest in modern beekeeping?

Requires little land

No input required

No Labour required

Not time consuming

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